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Contemplate more stringent goals in PsA

Striving for and achieving stringent disease outcome goals

Studies have shown that patients who achieve more stringent outcome goals, such as MDA and cDAPSA remission, are more likely to experience1,2:

GRAPPA and OMERACT guidelines recommend setting goals to achieve remission or low disease activity, with regular monitoring and assessment, for optimal patient outcomes in PsA.4,5

GRAPPA=Group for Research and Assessment of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis; OMERACT=Outcome Measures for Rheumatology Clinical Trials.

Does the mechanism of disease contribute to setting outcome goals?

Learn more about the mechanisms of disease in PsA to help inform disease management decisions and setting higher outcome goals.

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Types of measures

Review the different disease outcome measures used to assess disease activity in patients with PsA.

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Suboptimal disease outcomes

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