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Examine the burden of disease of PsA

The prevalence of comorbidities in patients with PsA

PsA is frequently associated with comorbidities that could affect the disease outcome and can impact a patient’s daily functioning and quality of life.1,2 To optimize important patient outcomes, physicians should globally assess disease activity and consider the impact of comorbidities on management decisions.1

~70% of patients experience at least one comorbidity1,3
Up to 40% of patients have more than three comorbidities3

Common comorbidities in patients with PsA include:

Depression6 Cardiovascular disease6 Diabetes5 Fibromyalgia8 Osteoporosis6 Obesity4 Metabolic syndrome7 Depression6 Cardiovascular disease6 Diabetes5 Osteoporosis6 Fibromyalgia8 Obesity4 Metabolic syndrome7

Recognizing the total burden of disease of PsA

PsA has a negative impact on patients’ quality of life, across all disease domains. For example:

  • Patients with enthesitis and dactylitis report increased disability from reduced physical functioning, as well as increased sleep disturbances and fatigue6,9,10
  • Patients report itching at the location of skin involvement in psoriasis, and pain/swelling of joints as factors contributing the most to disease severity11
  • Nail disease and disfiguration have been associated with physical and emotional distress and decreased productivity at work6

The quality of life for patients with PsA is further reduced by experiencing clinical presentations across multiple disease domains, comorbidities, and increased disease severity.12

It is important to consider all aspects of disease activity when managing patients with PsA—from specific measures of the various disease domains to assessing the impact on a patient’s quality of life.1,2

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How can underlying causes of disease affect the burden to patients?

A deeper understanding of the pathological processes that cause certain disease manifestations may impact patients’ burden of disease.

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PsA outcomes

Explore different disease outcome measures and their importance in defining PsA disease activity in clinical practice.

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